Reduce emissions
while improving
animal welfare

ZELP develops cattle wearable technology to neutralize methane, improve animal welfare, and get organizations closer to net zero.

For the Planet

For the Animals

For our Future

The need for creative and innovative
emissions reduction is urgent

Agriculture is the largest source of methane from human activity¹. Corporations and governments are under pressure to minimize its effect on global warming. Eliminating the livestock industry is not a realistic solution.

Now there’s a way to reduce methane that’s good for the animals, the farmers who care for them, and the consumers. 

Our device neutralizes
methane and promotes animal
welfare; all in one wearable device

ZELP Helps

Beef & dairy companies reduce their carbon footprint.

Governments meet their COP 26 Methane Pledge

Corporate partners acquire carbon offsets

Farmers become more sustainable and profitable

Here's how it works

The cow gets a new harness.

The device fits comfortably around the cow’s head - there’s no change to their movement, rumination patterns, rest and activity periods.1

The gas is captured and oxidized.

As the cattle exhales, methane travels through a catalyst where it's oxidized, then released into the air as CO2 and water vapor.

The cow and the planet get healthier.

The technology precisely tracks methane reduction and key data for farmers, like welfare, efficiency, and fertility metrics.

ZELP's team of scientists, engineers, and veterinarians developed the most advanced technology in methane oxidation and data processing.

Climate scientists have declared now the methane moment.

Talk to the ZELP team today. Together, we can cut methane emissions, empower farmers, and take better care of our animals.

“Cutting methane is the strongest lever we have to slow climate change over the next 25 years.”

 – Inger Anderson, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme.

Partners & Collaborators

We see results that feed
additives don't

60% reduction
instead of 30%

Feed additives are
normally half as effective
at reducing methane.

Better price per ton
of CO2

Thanks to ZELP’s higher
efficiency, you’ll get a better
return for your emission
reduction efforts.


ZELP’s wearable not only
neutralizes methane but
collects emissions data
in real-time.

Reducing methane
in all conditions

Feed additives can only be
used in housed conditions.
Cattle live most of their lives
grazing, where the majority of their
methane is released.

J. Dutklewlcz, M, Hayek, 2021

24/7 automated

Tracking of welfare, efficiency,
and fertility indicators enables
farmers to improve animal health,
and save time and money.

The only solution that reduces methane without impacting cattle microbiology

Transparency matters

Industry leaders need to be on the cutting edge of the fight against climate change. ZELP is the only solution that offers traceability features that enable an accurate, measurable impact.

Using ZELP on an average farm of one hundred cattle is equivalent to…

Planting and keeping 3,000 tree seedlings for 10 years

Recycling 100+ ton of waste instead of landfill

Avoiding 400,000 miles driven by a regular passenger vehicle

Cost savings and productivity improvements for farmers

We install and implement the devices. You get the insights that make you more profitable.

You have a real opportunity to
change the world

With ZELP your carbon reduction efforts have a real impact.

Together we can reduce our carbon footprint quickly, efficiently, and humanely.

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