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The livestock industry has been targeted for their environmental impact, but now we believe it holds the key to drastically reduce methane emissions.

ZELP’s team of veterinarians, agriculture specialists, engineers and scientists have developed a practical solution to reducing methane emissions. Our device not only oxidizes 60% of methane – without food additives that alter the biology of the cow – it tracks valuable information to make farms’ margins stronger.
Now more than ever corporations must invest towards reducing their carbon footprint. When they fund wearable methane reduction devices, ZELP deploys them to farms like yours.

Here’s where you come in: While the devices are oxidizing methane with every breath your cattle takes, they are also tracking valuable data like exactly how much methane is being emitted, each animal’s activity, rumination, feeding, heat, and more. The corporations receive the carbon emission reductions, and you get the precise data to make you more profitable.

Our planet doesn’t get the help it needs without farmers who are willing to get involved. ZELP is committed to making sure farms like yours stick around for the long haul. That is why animal welfare and farmer support is at the core of everything we do.


ZELP data tracking gives you
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Heat Detection

Our machine learning models increase heat detection rates by up to 20% so that you can reduce calving intervals and save $150 every time you avoid a missed heat.¹

¹The average cost of a missed heat is a loss of milk production of 21 days,
equalling $7 per day per cow.

Welfare Alerts

By tracking movement, feeding and rumination data we’ll be able to alert farmers if there are potential welfare issues, allowing rapid intervention before any condition worsens. Farmers save ±$435 per case of lameness prevented.²

²Willshire & Bell, 2009

Smart Breeding

Up to 12% of energy from the feed is wasted in the process of methane production. We track conversion efficiency metrics that combine feed and methane measurements to help farmers identify the best-performing animals and breed cows that are more productive and produce less methane³.

³Chaokaur et al., 2005

Farm Insights

Get access to aggregated data and best practices from similar farms to increase your efficiency.
Learning from these benchmarks can help farmers reduce expenses up to 30% and increase milk yields by 15%.

It's time for a solution that empowers farmers to fight against global warming and grow their business

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ZELP is now accepting new
livestock partners

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