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Our Methane Measurement Technology

ZELP is developing a low-cost, cattle wearable device that will measure methane and carbon dioxide emissions, on a per animal basis, with a high level of granularity. Large-scale trials will be held in 2025, please let us know if you’d like to participate. The device will also record estimated DMI and can be used in parallel with ZELP’s proprietary animal monitoring system. This system will track the cow’s activity levels to provide the user with extra contextual information, including real-time health, fertility and nutrition insights. All information will be delivered via ZELP’s easy-to-use mobile app and web-based platform.

Key Benefits:

Improved understanding:
Researchers will be able to track the volume of methane produced by different cattle, under different conditions, whilst receiving additional contextual information, such as the cow’s activity levels and fertility insights.

Low-cost and highly scalable:
ZELP’s measurement device will be significantly lower cost versus existing measurement tools, such as chambers, and will be usable by all cattle, in all farming conditions.


Verified methane reductions from other technologies, such as feed additives:
By tracking methane emissions per animal, ZELP’s technology will be able to measure the efficacy of other emission reduction pathways, such as feed additives, which are currently hard to verify and often rely on extrapolating data from a limited number of studies. In doing so, ZELP will be able to help increase the robustness of claims about such technologies and pave the way for fully verified carbon credits that better meet the needs of buyers.