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Cutting edge technology for
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The ZELP technology innovates
in three areas:

Patented Oxidation Technology

ZELPʼs oxidation technology works by routing the methane exhaled by cattle through a catalytic mechanism arranged within a patented energy recovery-system. The methane gets oxidised, resulting in a combination of CO2 and water vapor, which significantly reduces its contribution to global warming.
The energy recovery system, allows us to repurpose the energy from the continuous methane oxidations, greatly reducing the need for batteries.

Proprietary AI & Machine Learning

Our hardware is equipped with sensors that continuously collect millions of data points on the animals, which are processed in real time by our proprietary machine learning algorithms. Our AI is trained to detect heat, flag potential welfare conditions, and identify the most efficient animals with a high-level of accuracy.

Cattle Monitoring App

We have developed a world class livestock monitoring tool because we want to make sure the data we collect on the animals can be used by farmers to increase returns. Our easy-to-use mobile app allows users to monitor animals, manage tasks, gather insights, and receive alerts about welfare conditions at their fingertips.

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