On a mission to reach net zero through
the technological transformation
of the livestock industry

For the Planet

For the Animals

For our Future

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Reducing emissions is just the beginning

ZELP is committed to eliminating emissions while taking care of our animals, our farmers, and each other.

We believe neutralizing methane emissions is the single fastest way to stop climate change. That’s why at ZELP we harness the most advanced mitigation and data processing technologies to reduce livestock emissions and improve animal welfare.

Our Team

ZELP’s scientists, engineers, and veterinarians are dedicated to studying and reducing the environmental impact of methane gas through the development of cutting edge technology.


It all started with innovation, curiosity, and collaboration

Those same values will be the key to meeting our collective goal

ZELP began at London’s Royal College of Art – the world’s top postgraduate university for product design. The startup was incubated by InnovationRCA, the College’s center for innovation and business support, while working in close collaboration with the chemical engineering department at Imperial College, and the veterinary team at the Royal Veterinary College.

As ZELP grew in technological readiness, key partners joined the company’s mission to drastically reduce methane emissions. This includes many of the largest food companies striving to feed the world while meeting robust environmental targets.

The future of ZELP is focused on achieving global scale with our groundbreaking technology. With corporate, government, and livestock partners, it’s not only possible to achieve net zero emissions – it’s the only future we’re dedicated to working towards.

Partners & Collaborators

Our mission is collaborative

Let’s make an impact together.

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