Our backgrounds in farming and engineering drove us to learn early on that methane exhaled by cattle contribute nearly 10% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, and the beef & dairy industries still lack plausible solutions to mitigate their own environmental impact.

We believe the greatest contribution to solving this problem will come from developing and scaling technology to neutralise livestock methane emissions, and that is precisely what we are doing. At ZELP we are harnessing the most advanced technologies in methane oxidation and data processing to reduce methane emissions and improve animal welfare, monetising these benefits so farmers make an additional profit.

We see ZELP as a strong complement to the development of alternative proteins. Ensuring Climate Action is implemented in time to meet humanity’s climate change goals is a priority that requires multiple collaborative efforts. With the United Nations projecting the demand for beef and dairy to grow by 70% over the next 30 years, we believe a scenario where traditional livestock products and alternative proteins co-exist for decades is highly predictable. We are doing our part to ensure GHG emission targets are met within the industry until regulatory, cultural and market dynamics dictate the future of protein consumption.



ZELP enables farmers to efficiently and profitably satisfy the global demand for climate-smart beef & dairy products.

Our proprietary Herd- Monitoring System promotes animal welfare, reduces costs and increases margins.


ZELP enables these companies to efficiently and profitably satisfy the global demand for climate-smart beef & dairy products.


Our technology is making real beef and dairy sustainable for everyone, today.

We neutralize livestock methane exhalations at the source, so consumers can enjoy climate-smart livestock products.


Our team is comprised of scientists, engineers,
product designers, and veterinarians
Francisco Norris Zelp
Francisco Norris

CEO & Co-Founder Francisco brings a realm of experience leading teams who design and build new inventions, having worked with some of London’s most prestigious design studios. Francisco is an odd breed who stayed true to his farming roots, whilst fully immersed in London’s eclectic design and entrepreneurial ecosystem. He holds an Master’s degree in Information Experience Design from the Royal College of Art.

Patricio Norris Zelp
Patricio Norris

Chairman & Co-Founder Patricio brings 15 years experience in leading and scaling large projects around the world, with particular experience in M&A, closing large transactions and structuring teams. Patricio is passionate about the outdoors and preserving it for future generations. He is an Industrial Engineer and holds an MBA from Columbia University.

Tom Gundry Zelp
Thomas Gundry

Head of Product Development Tom is an accomplished designer with ample experience in bringing products to market, managing development pipelines from ideation. He has vast knowledge in innovation design engineering, fluid dynamics, and programming, Tom brings key expertise from his years leading engineering teams at Dyson. He holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Manchester University.

Daria Baran Zelp
Daria Baran

Animal Scientist Daria is an experienced animal scientist with a great understanding of animal physiology, cattle rumination, parasitology, and animal behaviour and welfare. With a contagious love for all animals, she makes sure our technology goes above & beyond the 5 freedoms of animal welfare. She holds an BSc in Biological-Science from the Royal Veterinary College.

Oscar Gill Zelp
Oscar Gill

Design Engineer Oscar is an excellent engineer and designer with a passion for solving complex design problems through the development of creative hardware and mechanical solutions. An example of a doer - if it doesn’t exist, make it. He has an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College.

Uzair Khan Zelp
Mohamed Uzair-Khan

Software Engineer Uzair is an expert in software development and machine learning. His work focuses on the automatic calibration of our sensors, and the algorithm development for detecting diseases and higher performing cattle. Uzair has a BSc in Mechatronics, and an MSc in Software Engineering.

Arwyn Evans Zelp
Dr. Arwyn Evans

Chemical Engineer Arwyn is our chemical engineer. His specialises in the development of adsorbent nano-materials, and has a true passion for gas separation, adsorption, and catalysis. He runs the modelling and testing of our oxidation system. He has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College.

Eren Eraslan Zelp
Eren Eraslan

Electronic Engineer Eren is an electronics whiz and an expert hardware developer. He has broad experience developing hardware for consumer electronics, as well as emerging technologies in the IoT market, gaining his skills working with top Turkish start-ups. He has an MSc in Electronics Engineering from the Istanbul University.

Naroa Arrospide Zelp
Naroa Arrospide

Industrial Design Intern

Ana Gazpio Zelp
Ana Gazpio

Industrial Design Intern

Leire Martinez Zelp
Leire Martinez

Marketing Intern